Led Half-primary Ashtanga

- 20:30
90 mn
17 rue de la Rôtisserie, Genève
Vesta Mauch
Advanced, Intermediate
30 fr.

This is a guided class through 1/2 primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. Students will practice a specific sequence of poses designed to stretch, strengthen and detoxify the body.

The purpose of the class is to learn and maintain the correct order of the asanas and correct vinyasa – how to synchronise breathing and movement. Vesta will guide you and help you to increase your internal and external strength, stamina and concentration. Over time and with consistent practice, you will be able to do the entire practice in an uninterrupted, rhythmic, and meditative flow.

• Strong and effective cardio work
• Detox efficacy increased.
• Learn the Counts and Vinyasas.
• Builds stamina
• Burns fat
• Barometer for the breath.
• Points to the Asanas that need more work.
• Teaches «Drishti» (gaze): «posture»; and «breath sequence»

Accessible for all and safe