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Exceed your limits to fulfill your destiny

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People often become more committed to a familiar discomfort than they are to an unfamiliar new possibility. Vesta will help you create, redefine, envision, and breakthrough to a whole new lifestyle.

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I guide individuals towards their transformation by up-leveling their body energy so they can effortlessly lead their most fulfilling life.

Rewire your mind by transforming your body

Why people come to see me

Transcend your self-limitations
Envision transformation
vesta mauch | pilates and yoga instructor

Therapeutic yoga or/and therapeutic Pilates are defined as the application of postures, exercises and practice to the treatment of health conditions teaching to prevent, reduce or alleviate structural, physiological, emotional and spiritual pain, suffering or limitations.

Vesta Mauch teaching uniquely engages her students to focus on their evolution, to understand the roots of their pain and achieve breakthroughs to transform mind and body.
For over a decade, Vesta Mauch has been guiding her students through deep self-transformational journeys, teaching them the beauty and power of Pilates, and Ashtanga Yoga. By deeply connecting with her students, she establishes the strong link needed to effortlessly acquire the discipline which allows the in-depth and joint work required to achieve personal breakthroughs.

Leading individuals with her experience and knowledge towards durable self-transformation, her classes are especially powerful with people who are willing to improve their physical and mental abilities, through the rigor and the respect of the arts of Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates.

Vesta’s leadership in transformational breakthroughs relies on the methodology she has developed to re-educate the body to influence the mind for profound physical and mental strength. She derives great joy from assisting her students on the way to their personal rebirth, training them breathing and concentration to facilitate the beautiful dialog that exists between the body and the spirit.

Although pain is part of the transformation, vesta’s passion, dedication and expertise has guided her students towards their rebirth and equipped them with the strength to exceed their limits to fulfill their true destiny.

The science of yoga and pilates and why it works

Vesta uses Yoga and Pilates as a therapist: focusing on the evolution, the why’s of the pain and as result transformation mind and body.

She truly believes pain comes from your mind, she will re-educate your body to empower your mind.

Vesta inspires students to become extraordinary mindful, nurturing and connected souls.
Thrive your mind and your Body.

Vesta’s approach

She has a strong classical foundation, which she likes to compare with Latin, the purest and rawest methods for best achievements.
Her goal is to get you back into doing the things you love, prevent future injury, and empower your mind and your body.

Together you will build your Health Blueprint empowering your body to unblock your soul and lead a positively shocking transformation.


State-of-the-art Studio in where Vesta focuses on your needs and objectives. Catering to men and women of all fitness levels – from injury rehabilitation to sport-specific.
Vesta will take a comprehensive care of you and your body.
Exceptional training in a beautiful environment where you can let your body and your mind guide you.


Imagine learning from the best. Vesta seminars and events empower you to learn from the best in their disciplines: Yoga, Pilates, and Astrology and create unstoppable momentum. You will experience, breathe, and learn tools and strategies; you will be able to integrate them into your body and in your soul.
If you want better results and learn from the best…Join the foremost experts in those Masterclass that will transform the way you think, learn, and live. (places are very limited and go very fast)


Vesta is a true professional who is passionate about Pilates in the most authentic way. I was whimsical about travelling an hour and a half twice a week but as I started, I noticed the changes in my body in terms of energy. I found flexibility and strength along with finding myself a role model of fitness.
Learning with Vesta instills in you discipline, passion and respect for the practice. It will push you to challenge yourself and your ability and make you aim for pushing your limits.

Radhika T
(IB Educator)

My experience with baboo pilates though short was very informative. Ms Mauch teaches you in a way that, unlike others, stays with you for life. Simple small tips that will help you live a better lifestyle. She teaches you to be more aware of your body and how you can help yourself. For the woman of today, with our hectic lifestyles and responsibilities, her tips are gold. A few sessions in and I was a new person. I felt more confident and inspite of multiple body issues I found myself doing things that I had never thought I was capable of doing. Highly recommend.

Hena G.
Housewife, mother of 3 and entrepreneur ” Meansteak” Mumbai

Being a DJ for over 25 years, I suffered from a numb left arm and fingers due to a false neck position while listening to the headphones during my work which caused a negative affect to my intervertrebal discs in my neck. Vesta intoduced me to several specific pilates exercises using the “magic circle” to strengthen and establish my neck muscles. After 10 days of constant exercises and personal training the numbness and pain disappeared and i put those exercises to my dayly routine. All i can say, vesta helped me a lot with her professional advices and I highly recommend pilates workout for people suffering with similar pain.

Haito G.
Dj Berlin

Dans un lieu magique, avec humour et cœur, Vesta m’a permis de revisiter ma pratique en la centrant sur les points essentiels. Elle m’a donné des outils pratiques et pertinents pour ma pratique quotidienne. Merci Vesta !

Richard B.
Psychologist, Geneva

Remarkable . Empowering . Transformational

Come experience the peace of mind and the strength of the body with vesta guidance

When can you find vesta ?

Contact vesta for further information. Spots fill very fast.
She can be consulted via zoom.

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