Vesta Mauch

Vesta Mauch teaching uniquely engages her students to focus on their evolution, to understand the roots of their pain and achieve breakthroughs to transform mind and body.For over a decade, Vesta Mauch has been guiding her students through deep self-transformational journeys, teaching them the beauty and power of Pilates, and Ashtanga Yoga.

By deeply connecting with her students, she establishes the strong link needed to effortlessly acquire the discipline which allows the in-depth and joint work required to achieve personal breakthroughs.

Guiding individuals with her experience and knowledge towards durable self-transformation, her mentorships are especially powerful with people who are willing to improve their physical and mental abilities, through the rigor and the respect of the arts of Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates.

Vesta’s leadership in transformational breakthroughs relies on the methodology she has developed to re-educate the body to influence the mind for profound physical and mental strength. She derives great joy from assisting her students on the way to their personal rebirth, teaching them breathing and concentration to facilitate the beautiful dialog that exists between the body and the spirit.