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A scoliosis was an ominous forbearer of a fragile vertebral column, or worse a paralysis in the long term, vesta had never put her faith in conventional medicine or believed doctors to be the holders of any meaningful medical truth. She rather seeks the health and medical truth that lay deep in her own soul.

Vesta Mauch

Vesta Mauch discovery of Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga were not predestined. With an established and thriving career entirely devoted to contemporary art, which she simply loved, she opened a Gallery in the heart of exciting Berlin.
However a scoliosis was an ominous forbearer of a fragile vertebral column, or worse a paralysis in the long term, Vesta had never put her faith in conventional medicine or believed doctors to be the holders of any meaningful medical truth. She rather seeks the health and medical truth that lay deep in her own soul. Her belief is that a soul with which she creates an intimate connection, is one that will listen to its body in its totality.
Heading to the advice of a friend, she attended her first class of Pilates in the Arcoverde studio of Berlin under the guidance of Master Coach Eduardo Laranjera. Surrounded with professional dancers, she was somewhat out of her element, but she nonetheless continued to attend these Pilates lessons. However to her surprise, only a few sessions sufficed to convince her and provide her with the confidence thus freeing her from any sense of embarrassment.
Suddenly, her body, head and heart were one enabling her to embark on the path of a cure going beyond the physical, empowering her with inner strength and the ability to regain a deep sense of confidence.
Convinced that the discipline that Pilates taught her saved her, she gradually elevate this daily practice into a genuine conviction. She obtained her first diploma in 2007, “Professional Peak Pilates Certification” and practiced as a teacher at the “Pilates Room” in London, then at the “Core Body Pilates” in Paris.
As a “Master Trainer”, Vesta went to Boulder, Colorado, to attend Amy Alpers’s diligent class, as well as the classes of her sister, Rachel Taylor Segel, founders of all over the world recognized “Pilates Center” created in 1990.
She further completed her knowledge with Deborah Knowley by attending her famous Mentoring Program. Thanks to this rare and amazing encounter, Vesta reached to the level of “Teacher Training Program of the Pilates Center”.
In 2011, she fulfilled a personal dream by receiving the award of the famous “Balanced Body University” of the “Pilates Center” of Boulder. Vesta could now take her journey to her an important heart-held goal by making her desire to open her own center a reality. To this end, she travelled to Mysore in India, at the KPJAYI ( Kri Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute), to find a Yoga teacher.
Originally intending to stay a month, she remained there for three months, and to this day goes to Mysore to further expand her knowledge. Vesta Mauch exercises Pilates in the pure control of this precise art, and the Yoga for its spiritual and meditative virtues.
After a decade of teaching these two profound disciplines, ever she would have imagined she would be doing what she is doing today. She transmits, with humility, a strong message with her students, where she incites them to exceed their limits. She accompanies them to do an in-depth work, to make them realize that every movement has a meaning, and that a cure or to want to reach a greater well-being can be reached only by working together. Anchored in noble values, she knows every tone of her body, which she transposes uninhibitedly into her collective or individual Pilates and Yoga classes that she offers today in her center in Geneva.
Since 2012, Vesta is studying yearly Vipasana Meditation in Mahasi style under the guidance of Bhante Bodhidhamma at Satipanya, Shrewsbury, UK. Satipanya


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From diving deep into the practice and meditation to transforming your lifestyle

Vesta strives for a higher standard of care by utilizing the purest techniques; she utilizes her deepest knowledge and her skills to develop a program adapted to your needs.
Her uniqueness relies on achieving the best outcome, meaning the one in where you feel transformed and empowered.

Transcend your self-limitations

Connection is everything.
What you want, wants you.
Your body and mind are incredible, and you can achieve incredible results. My wish is that you can obtain harmony between your body and your mind. While still heavily focused on breathing, strength, and mobility, I incorporate principles to offer a unique breakthrough experience to my clients.

Vesta’s transformational programs

Make A Real Change

In a safe & respectful environment, Vesta will teach you how to get out of your comfort zone to help you identify the weak points in your body and how to heal from inside out.
…Giving you a powerful perspective to help you attain more power, self-confidence and achieve the health blueprint you desire.

Success is within.

Vesta’s transformational programs

J’ai trouvé dans la pratique Mysore proposée par Vesta une approche tant psychique que physique. De par son expérience et sa rigueur, elle sait nous guider au travers de la synchronisation du mouvement et de la respiration à aller chercher au fond de soi nos ressources. Evidemment son charisme en est pour beaucoup, et je m’étonne comme elle arrive à nous amener au dépassement de soi et à un abandon total en toute confiance. Il en découle par sa pratique dynamique et ses différentes phases de recentrage par le travail des postures à un bienfait plus que positifs, mon corps est stimulé, vivifié et l’énergie circule à nouveau. Une sensation de force s’empare et je me sens pleinement vivante et je retrouve mon tonic.

Executive/PA assistant

Après avoir découvert la pratique Mysore avec Vesta, celle-ci m’a conseillé d’explorer une autre facette du yoga, grâce au Yin Yoga. Une pratique douce et calme, qui me permet d’entrer plus dans une introspection et de prendre le temps à revenir à moi et me restaurer en libérant les nœuds et tensions. Vesta nous guide dans cette action profonde et proche de la médiation. Elle me permet d’apprendre à être patiente et à respirer et à apaiser mon mental en laissant toutes mes pensées, sensations ou émotions me traverser sans m’y attarder. Il en découle une sensation d’ouverture, de libération et de bien être.

Executive/PA assistant

Remarkable . Empowering . Transformational

Come experience the peace of mind and the strength of the body with vesta guidance

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Unleash your body & mind